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ZeoliteMin is a leading producer of natural zeolite clinoptilolite and other performance materials serving the agricultural,animal feed,aquaculture,water treatment and construction markets.


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In today's environmentally conscious world we are proud to support sustainable agriculture in China, Philippine ,Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, Myanmar and the region with our eco-friendly products, most of which are 100% natural and suitable for organic agriculture and livestock animal feed. Our natural clinoptilolite is mainly used in agriculture, industry and environmental protection. Our well-marketed "UZ-MIN" branded products are widely used in in feed, aquaculture, water treatment and other industries.

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Quality Assurance

We have built our business through a commitment to helping our customers succeed in their own businesses. We apply "Continuous Quality Improvement" philosophy to meet and exceed all customer expectations and to ensure delivery of superior products accompanied by a high level of technical support. 

  • In 2018 Obtained KOSHER CERTIFICATION 
  • In Dec 2020 Our company was approved by U.S. FDA organization in 2020
  • In Jan 2021 obtained the invention CERTIFICATION OF FREE SALES  


100% natural Clinoptilolite Zeolites Approved natural clinoptilolite zeolite supplier by U.S FDA

At Zeolitemin quality assurance is a key element in our customer satisfaction program – and it's a way of life at all of our manufacturing facilities. Our production plants are all ISO 9001 certified. Our quality improvement practices optimize all facets of zeolite production, from the laboratory to the plant.

We focus more development of Zeolite in the future,and would help you solve more technology situation and provide the best quality products and service.In order to best assist you, please visit our products list.

Our Products

UZ-Min Clinoptilolite

UZ-Min Clinoptilolite

"UZ-Min" Soil Conditioner Amendment is a natural mineral of volcanic origin called Clinoptilolite.

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UZ-Min Animal Feed

UZ-Min Animal Feed

"UZ-Min" Animal Feed can be used as a kind of animal feed additive and toxic adhesive for livestock and poultry.

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UZ-Min Aquaculture

UZ-Min Aqua

"UZ-Min" Aqua can adsorb a large number of toxic substances in Aquaculture.

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UZ-Min Pool Media

UZ-Min Pool Media

"UZ-Min" Pool Media is a effective filter media from 100% natural mineral .

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Our News

Feed Grade Zeolite in Animal Husbandry
The zeolite powder contains a lot of trace elements, There are a lot of advantages of feed grade zeolite powder, which can promote the growth of livestock (cattle, pig, chicken) , improve the survival rate and reduce the cost.
Water Quality Improver For Aquaculture
The water quality improving zeolite powder are mainly used in fresh/sea water aquaculture and fish farming. Main functions of water quality improver zeolite powder, the application scope zeolite powder and how to use zeolite powder in water quality improver.
Soil Conditioner Zeolite Powder In Modern Agricultural
Zeolite powder as soil conditioner have a lot of benefits,The soil conditioner zeolite powder plays a very important role in modern agricultural production, especially for soil improvement, fruit and vegetable production, and greenhouse vegetables.
Nature Zeolite for Plant

Nature Zeolite for Plant

Without use content Zeolite fertilizer, grapefruit leaves are easy to yellow, easy to get sick and have bugs.

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Application of Zeolite in Water Treatment

Application of Zeolite in Water Treatment

Nature Clinoltiolite Zeolite use as Filter material.Filter material is the general name of water treatment filter material, mainly used for domestic sewage, industrial sewage, pure water, drinking water filtration.

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