Development Of Soil Amendment

Development Of Soil Amendment

Zeolite Soil Amendment is bringing a new chance in agriculture.

Soil Amendment was developed for the long term, but there are some points in China. Zeolite powder brings more good effects to local farmers.

  • Farmers don’t learn more knowledge of soil amendment and natural zeolite powder
  • Agriculture wholesalers have to spend a relatively long time promoting soil improvement and repair. 

For example: the seriously acidified soil should be applied at least 2-3 times in the initial year, and the application of chemical fertilizer must be planted for 2-3 consecutive years to achieve remarkable results.Long-term investment will increase the planting cost of farmers, and it is difficult for farmers to digest the soil conditioning, improvement cost, and ultimately affect the enthusiasm of farmers. 

In order to regulate severely acidified soil, farmers need to do some work to achieve significant results. The first year requires two to three applications of the improver, and fertilizer planting must continue for two to three years. Zeolite cost is low, so farmers can easily improve soil, reduce the cost, and improve the enthusiasm of farmers.

The current market is developed complexly in soil amendment

At present, there are many kinds of soil conditioners in the market. A few soil amendment products's quality is not good, and the fake and shoddy product events was happened. farmers can't trust soil conditioners products. If farmers don't study and use technical guidance of soil conditioner, it is influenced to the effect of soil amendment. Farmers will gradually lose confidence in soil amendment.The single soil conditioner also has a problem of poor or incomplete improvement effects.