What is Zeolite Soil Amendment?

What is Zeolite Soil Amendment?

Zeolite Soil Amendment is not a fertilizer 

Zeolite Soil amendment is mainly used to improve the physical and rational structure of the soil, the degradation of chemical elements, adjusting pH, and biological properties, help it for plant growth. It can't provide plant nutrients, so is called soil amendments. 

The primary function is to address soil barriers, making it easier to decompose the various nutrients needed to allow plants to absorb.Unfortunately, some farmers blindly take the soil conditioning agent compared with chemical fertilizer, compound fertilizer, organic fertilizer that containing a large number of elements (nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium), Expect the same effect as compound fertilizer. It can't be compared by different program and different functions. 

Soil conditioner zeolite powder can not replace fertilizer

  • Soil amendment zeolite powder is impossible to replace fertilizer. 
  • The function and efficacy of natural soil amendment are used for adjusting pH, and biological properties, so it is able to use fertilizer after soil conditioner processing. 

How to use soil conditioning agent to work 

According to the local soil texture, landform, environment, pH acid and base value, water quality conditions and economic benefits and other factors, combined with other quality materials to design the optimal allocation of application order scheme, to speed up the soil improvement speed, quality and ground strength to increase the fertility enhancement

  • Soil amendment are a natural zeolite rock mineral, which not available on all land or in the environment. 
  • Auxiliary material: the lime is used to adjust the pH value of the acidic soil.
  • Gypsum was used to inhibit Na +, HCO3-,, and CO32-plasma in the soil
  • EM benefit microorganisms to improve soil biological activity, etc.