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Clinoptilolite Zeolite water treatment pool

Clinoptilolite Zeolite water treatment POOL Tubs

Pools and hot tubs are widely used for recreational purposes. Upkeep involves combating the universal problem of water purification and many chemical products on the market strive to ensure water remains clear, sanitary, and odorless. The purification process often involves substantial amounts of dissolved chlorine and over time, high concentrations of the chemical can cause irritation to mucus membranes and eyes.Of all water treatment products on the market, zeolite is of particular interest to scientists. Unique absorption and adsorption properties allow it to adsorb ammonia, nitrates, and phosphates, preventing the growth of algae and micro-organisms. Currently, adsorption is considered the best water treatment option because of convenience, low cost, ease of operation, and simplicity of design (Bhatnagar & Sillanpaa, 2010). Also, because zeolite is a natural, non-toxic mineral, it can be applied to pools and hot tubs without causing irritation to eyes, skin, or mucus membranes.Lab data indicates that zeolite outperforms conventional filtration media in its adsorption and filtration capabilities. This is attributed to zeolite’s surface area, which is seven or eight times larger than many other granular materials. For instance, an ounce of pool sand has a surface area of 1,000 feet per cubic foot, whereas the same amount of zeolite has a surface area of 9,700,000 feet per cubic foot.

With a huge surface area of about 1,000 times greater than sand media beds, zeolite sand for pool filters can remove the most difficult 2-5 microns contaminants. It means it can filter up to 95% more particles than standard pool sand. It is like the best pure and natural molecular sieve function (binger agent) by huge surface area, so it is good to improve purifies water, traps ammonia, amines, and heavy metals. 


  •  Zeolite sand filters out 2-5 microns contaminants.
  •  Remove ammonium ions responsible for chloramine formation.
  •  Soft pool water by removal of metal ions, Improves pool water clarity
  •  Removes and kills bacteria by ion exchange of all-natural molecular sieving structure
  •  Use 50 percent less our zeolite sand than you would silica sand.
  •  Keep Lasts longer function than sand 
  •  All-natural and environmentally friendly, reduce red eyes, itchy skin, and that chlorine smell.


More and more researches are shown the best result from residential and commercial uses. It brings filtration at depth and higher flow rates to pool filters. It replaces as often as sand, Like the adsorption applications of algae and green dust in pools. It also was passed by ANSI/NSF Standards. It is so safe (100% natural zeolite rock).


Following four simple installation steps will lead to years of crystal clear water.

  •  Four Easy Steps:
  •  Remove sand and make needed repairs
  •  Fill filter halfway with water
  •  Pour the zeolite sand into the filter
  •  Backwash until clear water comes from the filter.


The lower density between zeolite rock and sand is the difference, so you will use about half as much UZ-Min zeolite granules by weight as regular filter sand. It is a 100% natural zeolite replacement for a sand filter that gives DE-like clarity and controls chloramine formation.