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As water treatment agent in aquaculture,"UZ-MIN" Clinoptilolite Zeolite for Aquaculture has many pores inside , uniform tubular channels and internal surface with large pores which has unique adsorption, screening, exchange of anion and cation and catalytic performance, and can adsorb a large number of toxic substances (such as NH3, NH4 +, CO2, H2S, etc.)

Benefits of UZ-MIN Aquaculture

  •  Absorbing ammonia nitrogen, organic matter and heavy metal ions in water
  •  Effectively reduce the toxicity of H2S at the pond bottom
  •  Regulate pH
  •  Removing ammonia, increasing dissolved oxygen in water, Provide sufficient carbon for phytoplankton to grow, Increase the intensity of photosynthesis in water,
  •  Good Micronutrient Fertilizer
  •  Optimizing the breeding ecosystem and promote the growth and development of aquatic animals.

Scope Of Application In Aguaculture

  •  For open type system: Regularly spray zeolite powder into the aquaculture water body, and feed fish, shrimp, sea cucumber, crab, scallop, turtle, eel, etc., both fresh and sea waters .
  •  For Closed type systems: Used in aquaculture wastewater circulation systems,  clinoptilolite can be used as the filter media in the circulation system. (See below Figure)

Clinoptilolite Zeolite used as adsorbent in aquaculture

Clinoptilolite Zeolite


  •  For every 1 kg of zeolite applied into the pond, 200ml of oxygen can be brought in and slowly released in the form of microbubbles to prevent deterioration of water quality and fish floatation.
  •  When the zeolite powder is used as water quality improver, the dosage should be 13 kg per mu of 1m water depth all over the pool.
  •  Use alone. In general, every mu of water surface every use 6 - 8kg, 7 - 10 days once again, high temperature season or serious disease, to double use.
  •  Fresh water culture: 15 – 25g zeolite powder per cubic body during normal feeding period, preferably separated from quicklime for better effect; 25 - 35g zeolite powder per cubic body of water before freezing is beneficial to safe wintering and increase survival rate in winter.

Mariculture: 75 - 90g zeolite powder per cubic body of water.It is used as Crop Protection,Crop Care,Aquaculture Inputs,Feed Probiotics product.


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