Medical uses of natural zeolite powder

Medical uses of natural zeolite powder

Natural Zeolite is formed from sea salt and volcanic rock, and is an organic microporous mineral all over the world. We must know more benefits of zeolite powder when we use natural zeolite. We can't ignore any warning of zeolite powder or liquid zeolite. It is influenced to any body of animal or human.  

Crystalline Zeolite

Due to the high-quality mineral zeolite powder has good medicinal properties. The zeolite clinoptilolite structure is composed of aluminum and silicon oxides, so it provides many medical applications. After clinical trials, it has been confirmed that his potential antioxidant properties are very helpful for diabetes and malignant diseases.

Treat animal diseases

Micronized zeolite has a history of treating animal diseases for many years. Studies have found that it can dramatically eliminate or reduce cancer tumors in dogs. Dogs suffering from prostate cancer, breast tumors, lung tumors and other types of cancer can have a positive therapeutic effect after entering the body with micronized zeolite. In some cases, the symptoms can even disappear completely. In addition, Cuba and other countries also use micronized zeolite to promote wound healing in animals and livestock.

Cure cancer

The combination of particulate zeolite with magnesium and calcium has obtained a patent called Megamin. In clinical trials in some countries, the symptoms of patients with lung cancer, prostate, liver and bowel cancer have improved significantly after taking Megamin orally.

Other uses of zeolite powder

The refined natural zeolite powder can accelerate wound healing. Powdered Zeolite is also used as a safe antacid for the treatment of ulcers and has a good antidiarrheal effect. In addition, natural zeolite is also used to control urinary tract infections and prevent the formation of dental plaque.

Oral nutritional supplements

Recent scientific studies have found that natural zeolite has a positive effect on the immune system. Liquid zeolite increases the body's antioxidant levels, helps adjusted pH, and binds specific radiation and free radicals in the body. It bring more benefits of zeolite powder to all body.

* Suggestion to discuss with your doctor when use this product of natural zeolite powder or liquid zeolite